On a scale of 1 to the Hannibal fandom how willing are you to accept things frowned upon in most societies

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Don’t feel bad if you’re single because it just means you’re the best in the album

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I love the sims because I love architecture, interior design, and playing god

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I worked with Mads first about 10 years ago in King Arthur, which was a very different kettle of fish, mostly spent on horses killing people painted blue. We were in Dublin for 6 months and my memory is patchy, but the one thing I definitely took away was that I’d want to work with him again with fewer horses and more acting. Followed his career since and for me he’s one of the best screen actors working anywhere. So the chance to sit opposite him and knock Bryan’s dialogue back and forth was incredible. He came onto the show after me and I was basically checking email every 5 mins hoping it would work out and I think it has. Good guy also. - Hugh Dancy

Yes, the very first thing I did abroad was a film called King Arthur. We were sitting on horses and killing blue people. […] Me and Hugh were two of the knights. So we were sitting for half a year on horseback and we became friends way back then. It’s just been a gift. We’re doing a show like this where you’re working so close together. It’s nice to be comfortable with each other, and that was just a gift that it turned out to be me and Hugh. - Mads Mikkelsen

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Do you ever have passive OTPs

Like, you don’t read fic, you don’t look for art

but whenever something turns up you’re like hell fuckin yea

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my fashion sense is called i am cold and pissed off

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